What are the stages of LED screen wall development?

1. LED screen utility model stage: LED screens have gradually become prominent with characteristics such as environmental protection, high brightness, high clarity, and high reliability. In the previous stage, the LED display update market only met people’s needs, but in LED display screen products, it did not meet the requirements and the quality was not satisfactory. With the development of LED display screens, there has been a new breakthrough in LED products. At least progress has been made compared to the previous stage. We have also developed a series of products that are completely different from traditional light source applications and will become popular. LED display screens will have a larger and broader development space. LED display screens are not just for beautification, but their versatility makes them more suitable for every detail of people’s work and life. What manufacturers need to compete for now is their advantages in design applications and technological research and development.

2. LED display screen intelligent control stage: With the continuous progress and development of LED display technology, LED, as a semiconductor industry, will also take this high-speed train and demonstrate its high controllability characteristics. From homes to office buildings, from roads to tunnels, from cars to walking, and from indoor to outdoor, LED display systems with intelligent control will bring higher levels of service to humanity. The LED display screen industry will also go through the process of producing products, designing products, and providing overall solutions.

3. LED display screen replacement acceptance stage: Due to the characteristics of LED display screen products mainly reflected in high light efficiency (low energy consumption) and long service life, this stage is the early stage of LED display screen development. Therefore, in terms of price, there is a certain comparison in the eyes of customers. Of course, customers have a process of acceptance, a transition and acceptance in terms of usage habits and appearance. Let customers understand the characteristics of LED display products and choose a product with features such as power saving and long lifespan. Whether it is the price of full color LED display screens or outdoor LED display screens, even relatively high prices are more acceptable, especially in commercial occasions. The price of full color LED display screens is also second to customers in terms of price, mainly in terms of quality. Therefore, manufacturers are now competing for quality and price advantages.

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