What is the definition of small pitch LED display screens?

In fact, in our daily lives, we often see LED display screens. Whether it’s small shops on the roadside, concerts, or surrounding buildings and hotels, LED electronic displays are installed. However, most of them use traditional large pitch LED displays. Whether it’s large pitch LED displays or small pitch LED displays, the usage rate in our lives is still quite high. With the maturity of technology for small pitch LED displays, The manufacturers of LED display screens have also turned their attention to the broader application market of indoor high-definition full-color small pitch LED displays.
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So what exactly is a small pitch LED display screen? How to define it? Due to its ability to display higher resolution images at the same size, as well as its advantages such as higher refresh rate, low power consumption, high color gamut, and no shadows, small pitch LED displays are more in line with the requirements of modern advertisers and users for LED display screens. LED display screens are made up of LED beads, and small spacing LED display screens have a smaller spacing between two lights. The traditional definition of LED display screens is the spacing between two lights, for example, P10 means the spacing between two lights is 10mm, P8 also has a spacing of 8mm between two lamps, and so on.
With the rapid development of technology and the rapid progress of technology, small pitch LED displays have emerged. The common understanding in our industry is that the spacing between points below P2.5 (including P2.5) is collectively referred to as small pitch LED displays. Currently, among the small pitch LED displays in mass production, the smallest pitch LED display has already reached P1.5625 P1.667, P1.875, P1.904, P2, P2.5 small pitch LED display screens.
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