A Solution to the Waterproofing Problem of Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screen.

Outdoor full color LED display screens are increasingly widely used in many visible places in daily life. In public places such as squares, commercial buildings, and stations, this high brightness and precise display screen plays a distinct role.

When maintaining and maintaining outdoor full color LED display screens, it is necessary to take protective measures and waterproof measures to extend the service life of the display screen.

This article takes you to a detailed understanding of the waterproof measures related to outdoor full color LED displays:
The specific method for waterproof treatment of LED full color display screen: Install a waterproof sink on the back, collect the water that seeps into the interior through the sink, and then clean it out. In other aspects, add a waterproof layer for the display module.
Waterproof coating can also effectively prevent water from entering the display screen. A common practice is to apply waterproof coating to the shell of the display module, especially in some gaps and edge areas, and take preventive measures.
LED display screen manufacturers not only need to focus on the quality of the display screen, but also need to improve the maintenance and upkeep of the display screen. For outdoor use, they need to pay more attention to waterproofing and heat dissipation, so that the outdoor LED display screen has a good condition and a longer service life.

If you accidentally get into the water, the solution is as follows:
Firstly, for LED display screens that have already infiltrated water, the power must be immediately cut off. We can see from the monitoring screen that if there are some outdoor LED billboard  that appear black or flicker, most of them are due to malfunctions. Therefore, it is necessary to cut off the power supply of the main display screen as soon as possible and send professional technical personnel to the site for emergency repair.
When it comes to daily waterproofing, the gaps on the back and top of the display screen are also prone to water seepage. In this case, we can disassemble the back panel display screen and repair the internal wiring, especially on the screen lighting module. Timely handle water stains on the door, and if the display screen motherboard needs to be replaced, it is also necessary to handle them in a timely manner.

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