Precautions for purchasing full color LED display screens.

Full color LED display screens will be the mainstream in the LED display screen industry in the future, with high brightness, full color, and can work 24/7, but the price is relatively high.
When purchasing full color LED display screens, attention should be paid to:

Screen aspect:
(1) The relationship between effective sight distance and actual site size;
(2) Pixel size and resolution;
(3) Estimation of area based on units;
(4) Space for mechanical installation and maintenance of the screen;
(5) The influence of screen tilt angle on distance.
In terms of price:
Different LED display screens have different prices, with single color having the lowest price, dual color having the second highest price, and full color having the highest price. The higher the number of pixels, the more expensive the price.
The price of LED display screens mainly depends on the cost of materials used, consisting of five main components
1、 LED screen body
The prices of chips vary, for example, computer chips mainly include Internet and AMD, but LED chip manufacturers are not hundreds or thousands, and there are also chip manufacturers in China.
2 light chips are placed inside the waiting area
3 circuit board
2、 Control system and software
1. Control host
2. Monitor (reference 1500 yuan)
3. Control system part (different display screens have different prices)
4. Control software: Generally, manufacturers give it as a free gift
5. Media playback system: generally free of charge
3、 Power distribution system
1. Distribution cabinet (2000 yuan)
2. Main power supply, communication cable
3. Lightning arrester
4、 Supporting system
1. Power amplifier
2. Sound column
3. Transportation
4. Guide installation and debugging (refer to other provinces for 2000-10000 yuan)
5、 External framework
In addition to considering the above points, communication with LED display screen manufacturers is also important. It not only directly affects the quality and success of the entire engineering project, but also allows users to allocate resources more reasonably, avoiding unnecessary waste, losses, and hidden dangers.
Manufacturers can provide simulation solutions or better suggestions for users regarding actual needs and operability, helping them analyze and plan reasonably, making the most cost-effective solutions, and becoming trusted partners for users.
The communication matters are roughly as follows:
1. Customers have a clear understanding of their needs, investment budget, and expected best results;
2. The customer provides a detailed explanation of their needs for the project and future development plans, and requests the seller to provide the best implementation plan, even the expandable features of the project, as well as the expansion budget and plan, to avoid unnecessary resource waste caused by the project not being suitable for future development needs;
3. The customer requests the manufacturer to provide analysis data for the installation and application environment of the project, predict potential events, propose prevention and solution measures, and then make a comprehensive evaluation of the entire project plan.
The above are the general items to understand and pay attention to when purchasing LED full color displays. We hope to provide you with some decision-making suggestions when choosing LED full color displays.

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