LED display screen, the most eye-catching color in future urbanization landscape construction

LED display screens also have many new development opportunities in urban lighting projects, such as display engineering, sky curtains, wall lighting, and so on, which are the places where LED display screens can be used.
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1、 Technological innovation accelerates the application of LED creative displays
Without a doubt, The role of LED creative displays in enhancing the commercial value of architectural landscapes is very important. Nowadays, with the updates of technology and products, outdoor LED screens are no longer the same as before. Brick and stone screens, rotating screens, spherical screens, curved flexible LED displays, etc. are too much for people to catch up with The benefits brought by LED creative displays in gathering popularity for commercial real estate and shaping urban landmarks have been widely recognized.
The continuous improvement of LED creative display technology has accelerated the application of creative LED products in the field of landscape lighting. For example, it integrates naked eye 3D technology, human-computer interaction technology VR/AR and other LED creative displays make urban lighting more vivid and vivid. At the same time, irregular LED display products can also be combined with urban lighting, lighting, etc., making lighting projects more outstanding. LED advertising curtain walls, which have various advantages such as wide coverage area, eye-catching appearance, strong visual impact, and colorful images, are also the main focus of urban lighting projects. Especially in densely populated areas, its presence can display a sense of architectural beauty and bring a very impactful on-site experience to the audience. Both in terms of the shock of its promotion and the particularity of its playback form, it has its own characteristics. Its characteristics not only cater to the needs of advertisers, but also meet the requirements of the entire city’s beautification. At the same time, it can also effectively solve the serious problem of “light pollution” on traditional outdoor LED display screens. Therefore, it is also in the current night tourism landscape lighting, The LED screen industry is an important reliance for occupying a place.
2、 Creativity is the core competitiveness of a product
Even though creative small pitch LED irregular displays are relatively expensive nowadays, they cannot stop their progress. As the saying goes, “There is a reason why you are expensive” is different from conventional products. Creative LED shaped displays are more of a manifestation of added value, and smart achievements far exceed material costs. They also need to bear certain risk costs, which is where the value of customized products lies. Sometimes the customer’s value orientation is not based on the price of the product, but rather on the ultra-high value return that the product itself brings to the customer.
For creative LED irregular display screen manufacturers, each enterprise’s creative LED irregular display screen must form its own unique style and characteristics in order to enhance the creative space of the enterprise. In addition to products, creative LED irregular display screen companies have successively utilized their existing financial strength and technological means to explore new customer needs, create new application models, accelerate channel expansion, and expand the horizontal market space of existing products and technology systems, forming their own differentiated paths and breaking the low profit situation caused by homogenization.
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