Three major changes presented by outdoor LED display screens

Compared to traditional outdoor media such as roadside billboards, high column billboards, light boxes, and neon billboards, LED display screens have the advantages of being manufactured without area limitations, being lightweight and can be attached to various public places, displaying large-scale text, images, and animations. Coupled with natural advantages such as high brightness, full color, and convenient and fast error detection, they can make advertisements more renderable and shocking.

outdoor led panels

Outdoor surface mounted LED display screen partially replaces outdoor plug-in LED display screen
In past media advertising applications, outdoor LED display screens were usually dominated by elliptical direct insertion (DIP) light beads. With the innovation of media advertising display effects in recent times, excellent surface mounted SMD packaged LED products have been introduced in the Chinese market since 2009 and have been applied outdoors. SMD not only meets the needs of outdoor applications in brightness and protection level, but also improves reliability and production efficiency compared to direct insertion products, More importantly, reducing costs. Nowadays, outdoor surface mounted LED displays have gradually and rapidly occupied a large portion of the market share of outdoor advertising media screens.

Outdoor small pitch LED becomes a new blue ocean
As the spacing between points continues to shrink, the LED outdoor advertising screen has changed its image from “tall and unattainable” to “high and cold”, taking a cute and approachable route and engaging in close interaction with the audience. This has brought broader application space for outdoor small pitch LED screens, such as display screens and advertising machines in pedestrian streets and commercial squares; There are also bus shelters, newspaper booths, community information booths, gas stations, shopping booths, parking lots, and so on. In this field, LCD display technology has problems such as insufficient brightness, UV interference, and seams, and projection fusion is not suitable. Therefore, outdoor small pitch LED screens have become the only and most ideal choice.

More diverse and interactive presentation techniques
a. Broadcast and multi screen linkage dissemination.
LED outdoor screens can not only serve as advertising carriers, but also spread various rich video content such as public welfare, insert people seeking notices, broadcast news, information, etc., breaking the pure commercial advertising information broadcast mode of outdoor LED screens, forming a new outdoor media communication mode of “public welfare+news+information+advertising”, which has higher information value and stickiness for the audience.

More diverse visual expression.
The naked eye 3D technology has matured and is believed to be applied to outdoor LED media soon. In the future, more trendsetter visual expression new technologies will gradually be applied to the outdoor LED media market. In the future, more trendsetter visual expression new technologies will gradually be applied to the outdoor LED media market.

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