DWALL features in the list of the best software for LED display board makers

VDWALL has forged a distinct technological edge in LED 4K/8K video processing, switching, multi-window splicing, LED control, and all-in-one 4K/8K solutions.

This remarkable journey has yielded over 60 inventive patents and nearly 100 software copyrights, showcasing their pioneering contributions to the LED display software industry. Unsurprisingly, VDWALL has clinched top honors as the premier LED peripheral brand for eight consecutive years since 2012.

VDWALL’s collaborative and unwavering commitment to “pursuing excellence, continuous innovation, and creating customer value” drives its focus on building LED display control software that propels the LED display industry toward new horizons.

Here are three VDWALL software and their key features:

led video processor

A6000 Series Software

VDWALL A600 series provides an excellent visual experience with seamless LED display control software that opens up a world of possibilities for various applications. The A6000 Series is a powerhouse of versatility.

Key Features

The  features of VDWALL A6000 software include the following:

  • Supports an array of input signals, including 4K and 2K 60Hz UHD input with HDMI2.0 (HDCP2.2) and DP1.2 connectivity
  • Seamless switching and fading between different input signals, allowing you to create captivating displays with 4K four windows six image configurations,
  • 4K arbitrary scaling, overlay, and more.
  • Can drive up to 18 million pixels across 8 DVI outputs
  • Has over 16 preset multi-window displays and splicing modes

A6 Series Control Software

The VDWALL A6 Series LED display control software transforms your visuals into works of art. Featuring Faroudja® Real Color® true color image processing, Faroudja® TureLife™ image enhancement, and 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI de-interlacing, it ensures breathtaking visuals that capture every nuance.

Key Features

  • Dual HDMI 2.0 outputs that support 3840*2160 60Hz resolution and infinite scaling.
  • Seamlessly switch between signals and harness the power of four Windows six image displays, each supporting scaling, overlay, and more.
  • Easy transitions between PG and PV signals
  • The A6 Series offers a unique mosaic mode that can precisely drive stunning 8K*2K images.

LVP Series Software

VDWALL’s LVP Series software is equipped with Faroudja® Real Color® professional LED video processing, Faroudja® TureLife™ video enhancement, and 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing. This LED display controller software guarantees visual brilliance that captivates hearts and minds.

Key Features

  • Seamless switching, fade-in/fade-out transitions, and blend switching create captivating displays.
  • Effortless switching between custom dual picture display modes, readily embracing any PIP/PBP display.
  • The LVP Series Software is synonymous with reliability and stability, offering seamless control through wireless WIFI, front panel buttons, infrared remote control, and PC software.
  • Built to excel in 24/7 applications.
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