LED display screens have been widely used in people’s lives

1、 The widespread application of LED display screens
The arrival of the information society has promoted the development of modern information display technology, forming a series of information display products such as CRT, LCD, PDP, LED, EL, DLP, etc. Throughout various display products, each has its own strengths and suitable market application needs. With the improvement of LED material technology and process, LED large screen displays have become one of the mainstream products of flat panel displays with outstanding advantages, and have been widely applied in many fields of social and economic development, mainly including:
(1) Securities trading and financial information display. LED large screen displays in this field account for over 50% of the domestic demand for LED displays in previous years, and there is still a significant demand.

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(2) Display of road traffic information. The rise of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has led to widespread adoption of LED traffic screens as variable message boards and speed limit signs in urban transportation, highways, and other fields.
(3) Display of passenger guidance information at ports and stations. The automation system of passenger transportation hubs is composed of information systems and broadcasting systems, train arrival and departure disclosure systems, ticketing information systems, etc., with LED display as the main body, and has become an important part of the technological development and transformation of domestic railway stations and ports.
(4) Display of sports venue information. LED display screens, as the main means of displaying competition information and playing live matches, have replaced traditional lighting and CRT displays and become essential competition facilities in modern sports venues.
(5) Display of airport flight dynamic information. The requirements for residential display in civil aviation airport construction are very clear, and the LED large screen display screen is the preferred product for the Flight Information Display System (FIDS).
(6) Display of information in the dispatch and command center. High density LED large screen displays are also gradually being adopted for power dispatch, vehicle dynamic tracking, and vehicle height management.
(7) Business promotion and information display in postal, telecommunications, shopping malls, and other service areas.
(8) New products in advertising media. In addition to using a single large indoor and outdoor LED display screen as advertising media, cluster LED display screen advertising systems and train LED advertising display screen publishing systems have also been adopted and are being promoted.
(9) Performances and gatherings. Large LED stage displays are increasingly being used for video live streaming for public and political purposes. For example, during major festivals such as the 50th anniversary of China’s founding and the New Millennium celebrations around the world, large LED displays have played an outstanding role in broadcasting live events and advertising information dissemination.
(10) Exhibition, LED display screens, as one of the important service contents provided by exhibition organizers, provide paid services to exhibitors. There are also some large professional rental companies for LED screens abroad, and some larger manufacturers provide rental services.

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