The Development Trends of Outdoor Surface Mounted LED Advertising Screens

With the development of outdoor LED advertising screens, surface mount packaging products have started to move from indoor to outdoor, and outdoor surface mount LED displays have become increasingly popular, expanding their market share. The market demand for outdoor surface stickers will further expand and occupy the mainstream market share, gradually encroaching on the direct insertion market share, but it will not completely replace the direct insertion products because in certain specific occasions, they are still more suitable for using direct insertion products. For example, the LED display screen seen from a distance on the top of a tall building has little impact due to distance and angle factors, and is more energy-efficient. In this case, surface mounting is not necessary. Of course, outdoor surface mount products need to be further strengthened in terms of sealing, high and low temperature resistance, and UV resistance. Obviously, many companies are not doing well enough in these areas. With the continuous progress of LED display technology, the concentration ratio of LED display packaging industry will become higher and higher. As the so-called survival of the fittest, enterprises that can survive the fierce competition must have their own characteristics. With the wave of reshuffling invading time and time again, enterprises without their unique advantages in the future will inevitably be eliminated.

In addition, with the continuous development of small spacing technology, people’s requirements for the clarity of LED displays will also be higher, and outdoor surface stickers are no exception. That is to say, outdoor surface stickers will develop towards high-definition in the future. Therefore, if outdoor surface mounted LED displays want to trend towards high-definition, they need to achieve smaller spacing, and small spacing LED displays want to establish a foothold in the outdoor market. Surface mounted LED devices are also a high-quality choice for their development. From this, it can be concluded that the combination of small spacing and surface mount will make outdoor surface mount LED displays more high-definition, meet market demand, and occupy the outdoor display market.
In recent years, the demand for outdoor surface mounted LED advertising screens has increased in the market. Outdoor surface mounted LED advertising screens have gradually gained the favor of customers due to their advantages such as small dot spacing and high-definition display.
In order to achieve better viewing effects, people require the display screen to move from simple full color to realistic, restoring the authenticity of colors. At the same time, they also need to achieve a comfortable and clear map like display on a smaller display screen, just like a TV. Therefore, high-definition displays represented by high-density small pitch LED displays will be the future development trend. The outdoor surface mounted LED advertising screen has obvious advantages in terms of image display, aesthetics, perspective, maintenance, etc. compared to the straight in type, which better meets the requirements of outdoor use.

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