Advantages of using surface mount modules for LED outdoor advertising screens

With the increasingly advanced development of LED technology, LED advertising screens that were previously only used for indoor surface stickers have begun to be widely used outdoors, gradually encroaching on the direct insertion market share. As is well known, outdoor LED advertising screens were all equipped with inline devices a few years ago. However, surface mounted LED advertising screens have low brightness and cannot adapt to complex outdoor environments. Therefore, surface mounted LED displays can only be widely used indoors, while inline LED devices dominate outdoor display screens. Nowadays, with the development of technology, surface mounted displays are no longer limited to indoor use. They have started to rise and have achieved rapid development outdoors, and have been widely used, competing with inline LED displays in the world of outdoor displays.

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Outdoor surface mounted LED advertising screen has obvious advantages
Compared to direct insertion products, outdoor surface stickers have the advantages of wide viewing angle, good light distribution, good color mixing, and high contrast. The outdoor surface sticker full color screen not only has a wide viewing angle of over 110 degrees in the horizontal direction, but also has a wide viewing angle of over 110 degrees in the vertical direction. Therefore, LED advertising screens hanging in high altitude require outdoor surface sticker full color screens with a wider viewing angle to display better advertising effects.
In addition, compared to plug-in LEDs, outdoor surface stickers have better consistency. It is difficult to achieve the consistency index of the three brightness levels of the straight in red, green, and blue oval LED at different angles, while outdoor surface mount can achieve high consistency in matching the red, green, and blue brightness levels at different angles, ensuring that the brightness of the outdoor full color surface mount LED display screen is consistent at any angle, achieving better color realism.
In addition, the volume of full color surface mount is much smaller than that of inline lights, so the luminous area is small and the black area is large, which improves the contrast of LED display screens. The watch sticker adopts a three in one design structure, with built-in red, green, and blue chips that can be used as one pixel of the display screen. And straight in LED lights, with built-in single color chips, require at least one red, green, and blue light of different colors to be assembled together to form a pixel of a full color display screen. Therefore, the mixing effect of full color SMD displays is better than that of straight elliptical LED displays.
Not only that, outdoor surface mounted LED advertising screens are free of glue, and the product is lighter and easier to install quickly. It adopts an aluminum alloy box structure design that is very lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, not easily deformed, and easy to assemble and level. Suitable for rental companies, car mounted screens, and mobile media use; The installation of columns or walls further reduces the pressure on the steel structure from the bottle body.
The circuit design of the outdoor surface mounted display module can achieve the integration of lamp board and driver board, making it easy to automate production. Compared to plug-in products, outdoor surface stickers not only improve reliability and production efficiency, but more importantly, reduce costs. For the advantages of outdoor surface stickers, there are two obvious advantages compared to direct insertion. Firstly, the display and viewing effects of outdoor surface stickers are better than those of direct insertion; Secondly, the outdoor surface mounting angle is large, making it more suitable for LED displays with smaller spacing than straight insertion.

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