Solution to common problems with LED display control cards (1).

I believe many customers will encounter a series of common control card issues when using LED display screens. summarizes and categorizes the common problems of LED display screen control cards and led screen software, which are generally divided into display problems, communication problems, and functional requirements problems.

Solution three steps: Press the test button (to test the connection between the power supply and the cable); For serial communication, click on the “On/Off” button in the software (test port and communication cable), disconnect the power, and wait for all the light beads to turn off before powering on (initialization).
The following are common problem-solving methods:
1、 Display issues,
The data is transmitted from the row pins on the control card to the row pins on the display screen, and displayed when powered on
1. After successful transmission, the display screen will display blurred screen, garbled code, and regular movement (where words cannot be seen)
Solution: The typical scanning method is selected incorrectly, with 4 scans for semi outdoor and outdoor environments, 16 scans for indoor environments, and 8 scans for car mounted screens. After changing the screen parameters, save and send them successfully
2. After successful transmission, a horizontal bright line appears on the display screen, with one line lit every few lines
Solution: If the wiring direction is reversed, press the test button (which is included on the control card). This situation usually cannot be switched. Just connect the end connecting the display screen and the control card in the opposite direction
3. Sending successfully shows a black screen (without any highlights)
1) This is quite troublesome. Firstly, make sure that the power is on. Press the test button to switch between high and large editing content and send it to the full screen. If the screen is still black, start with the 12-1 cable group on the control card and try it out one by one. It may be two high screens, but plug the cable into the 3.4 cable group on the control card
2) Is the brightness set to the darkest? Check the brightness adjustment in the software
3) The semi outdoor and outdoor screen should be connected to 12 sets of pins, is it connected to 08?
4. After successful transmission, the display screen shows uneven brightness, with one line bright and one line dark,
Solution: OE polarity is reversed. You can use the settings screen in the software – OE polarity change – save – send, or adjust it through hardware. For example, HT-3B and HT-3BU cards come with OE buttons, which can be pressed once
5. After successful sending, the upper and lower parts of the text are inverted and confused
Solution: If the pins on the control card are marked, for example, T12-1 is the first line from top to bottom on the display screen, and T12-2 is the second line
This situation is where the number of rows on the display screen and the number of rows on the control card cable do not correspond one-to-one, resulting in the content being reversed.

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