Solution to common problems with LED display control cards (2).

This article mainly provides a detailed explanation of common problems during the use of LED display control cards. If you have similar problems or confusion, you can learn and understand them.

1. Defect of LED display font and missing image
Some desktop or laptop computers, if used with large fonts such as 32 dot matrix or above, will find font defects, missing strokes, and other phenomena after communication, and the display effect is very ugly.
Solution can be set in the<Display Card Properties>. Press the right mouse button on the desktop and select<Properties>. In<Display Properties><Appearance><Effects>, remove the check mark in front of<Use the following method to smooth the edges of the screen font>. Once confirmed, the problem will be resolved.
2. Last time it worked normally, there was no data on the LED screen after power on (VS-C)
It may be due to the button battery on the card running out of power. Just replace it with a new button battery (only VS-C may have this situation).
3. Why is the word displayed in the special effects not the entire word?
Due to the fact that rental LED screens are custom-made assembled products with varying sizes, in order to maximize compatibility with customer needs, our word for word fly in only supports 24 characters. When selecting 24 characters, the word for word fly in effect displays normally.
4. Adjusting the color depth of the computer monitor display
When opening the CK LED control software, the system prompts “Please set the color depth of the computer to 32 bits”
5. What is the difference between subtitles and text
Subtitles are designed for the needs of users on their doorstep screens, requiring only one line of data to be displayed and seamlessly linking between screens. Text can be divided into multiple lines with adjustable line spacing, which is used for publishing a large amount of information. Subtitles and text can be input in different font sizes and sizes.
Can Arabic and Vietnamese be displayed?
Using text can display all text and special characters from around the world (provided that it can be displayed on your computer itself).
7. The display screen shakes when running characters
Please reduce the “entry speed” and “exit speed” of the program appropriately.
8. Why does the control card appear with a few seconds of bright lines or “splash screen” when it is first powered on?
After connecting the display controller to the computer and display screen properly, it is necessary to provide+5V power to the controller to ensure its normal operation (at this time, do not directly connect to 220V voltage). At the moment of power on, there will be a few seconds of bright lines or “splash screen” on the display screen, which is a normal test phenomenon, reminding the user that the display screen is about to start working normally. Within 2 seconds, this phenomenon will automatically disappear and the display screen will enter normal working state.

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