Several ways to change programs on LED display screens

LED display screen replacement program method, the current LED display screen can meet the various needs of different customers, commonly including single color subtitle LED display screen, dual color screen, outdoor and indoor full color LED display screen. Different installation environments and screen size control methods of LED display screens vary. For example, synchronous real-time control, asynchronous (offline) control, network port control, serial port control, USB drive control, etc. The latest development also includes wireless transmission such as 4G transmission, WIFI transmission, etc.

led screen wall

The different control methods depend on the on-site environment. If the distance between the computer and the LED display screen is very close and convenient for wiring, it is recommended to use network cable synchronous control, If the distance is relatively long and the program content is not updated frequently, offline control can be used (equivalent to downloading and circulating the content first).

If the LED display screen area is small, such as a monochrome LED display screen, the update control method can be done using a USB flash drive. If multiple LED displays are to be installed and are not within the same region or across cities, it is recommended to use cluster wireless control, The specific operation method is that each LED display screen needs to be equipped with a wireless receiving module, and each wireless receiving module needs to be equipped with a mobile phone card (supported by China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile). Additionally, a cluster network server can be built to remotely control the LED display screen through a computer. This method is usually aimed at large media advertising companies, and the cost of controlling equipment is high, and the annual traffic fee is also a significant expense. There are basically so many commonly used LED display screen control methods. If you have any special requirements, you can further communicate with us.

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