Introduction to the Control and Transmission Methods of LED Display Screen

LED display screens are a high-tech display product in today’s society, as well as a highly intelligent flat panel display. Although Shenzhen LED electronic displays have achieved high intelligence, they are still composed of small LED module panels, which are used to display text, images, videos, videos, broadcast signals, and other information transmission methods. So the question arises, how can we more effectively grasp a control method for it?

P3.91 curve led screen (2)
1. Wireless sending card: Reasonably use the built-in GSM card, and use mobile phones to send text messages or WeChat intelligent control to send information to the display screen.
2. Directly controlled by a computer: This operation usually involves connecting the LED display screen to the computer, using software provided by the LED display manufacturer, and updating the text on the display screen.
3. U disk replacement method: To use this operation, you need to first remove the U disk from the display screen, then use the software provided by the display screen manufacturer to input content into the U disk, and finally insert the U disk back into the LED display screen.
4. With remote control: Use the remote control to directly input the content you want. However, this also depends on the type of LED display system you are using, and then choose the corresponding control method based on different systems.

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