How to extend the lifespan of LED display screens

LED displays are no exception. LED products also have a lifespan in real-world use, and if not used properly, it will shorten one of its lifespan. The display screens produced by common LED manufacturers generally have a usage time of 10W hours. If calculated 24 hours a day without sleep, it is about 11 years. Of course, such data is generally only clear to industry professionals. In fact, its service life is closely related to personal maintenance and reasonable use of LED displays. According to accurate data statistics, LED displays are generally used for about 5 to 10 years, and high-quality LED displays are only around 10 years old. If it is an outdoor LED display screen, its lifespan may be shorter.

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For outdoor LED display screens, it is necessary to provide peripheral safety equipment, take measures such as lightning, waves, and sand surges, and avoid using outdoor screens in windy and rainy weather as much as possible. Pay attention to protecting the display screen according to the degree of environmental changes, and try not to keep it in a dusty indoor environment for a long time, because many displays are strictly prohibited from entering the water inside, and we can only take good rainproof measures. Choose the correct heat dissipation equipment, install heat dissipation fans or air conditioners according to international standards, and try to achieve dry and ventilated surroundings and internal parts of the screen as much as possible.
Finally, the daily maintenance of LED display screens is also crucial. Regularly clean the dust accumulated over time on the screen to avoid affecting one of the cooling functions of the display screen. When playing advertisements or displaying text content, try not to stay in a completely white or green screen for a long time to avoid problems such as current amplification and short circuits caused by cable heating. In addition, when playing video programs at night, the screen brightness can be adjusted according to the ambient brightness to adapt to the environment. This not only saves power and energy, but also extends the service life of the LED display screen.

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