LED screen technology solution for advertising shows.

Let us explain how to solve LED screen technology problems, divided into four major parts as follows:

1、 High light efficiency
The light efficiency of LED display screens is an important indicator of energy-saving effects. Currently, China still needs to strengthen its light efficiency. To truly achieve high light efficiency, it is necessary to solve relevant technical problems from all aspects of the industrial chain. So, how to achieve high light efficiency?

1. Improve internal quantum efficiency and external quantum efficiency.
2. Improve the efficiency of packaging and reduce junction temperature.
3. Improve the lighting efficiency of the lamp.
2、 High color rendering
There are various types of color quality for LED display screens, including color temperature, color rendering, color fidelity, color naturalness, color tone recognition, visual comfort, etc. We are currently only discussing solving the issues of color temperature and color rendering. Making high color rendering LED display screen light sources can result in significant loss of light efficiency, so these two factors should be taken into account when designing. Of course, to improve high color rendering, it is also necessary to consider the combination of RGB three primary colors.
1. Multi primary fluorescent powder.
2. RGB multi chip combination.
3. Fluorescent powder and chip.
3、 High reliability
Mainly including failure rate, lifespan and other indicators. However, there are different understandings and explanations in application. High reliability refers to the ability of a product to complete specified functions under specified conditions and within a specified time. LED failure categories mainly include severe failure and parameter failure. And lifespan is a characteristic value of product reliability Generally, it refers to the statistical average, and for a large number of components, the lifespan of LED devices is the meaning of using this description. But the factors that affect the reliability of LED display screen products include chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat dissipation, and so on. Since that’s the point, we hope that enterprises can implement comprehensive quality control over LED display screen products.
1. Reduce failure rate.
2. Extend the wear and tear failure time.

4、 Reduce product costs
At present, many consumers feel that the price of LED display screens is too high when purchasing them. Therefore, many LED display screen manufacturers have taken corresponding measures to reduce costs. In addition to mass production, they mainly take technical measures to reduce costs. The main approach is to reduce costs in the areas of epitaxial chips, packaging, drivers, and heat dissipation, thereby fundamentally solving the cost problem of LED display screen products.
1. Methods for reducing costs in the epitaxial chip process.
2. Methods for reducing costs in the packaging process.
3. Methods for reducing costs in the lighting process.
4. Reduction of other supporting costs
From the above, it can be seen that the main technologies and corresponding measures to solve LED display screens are mainly from the four aspects of high light efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability, and low cost. Overall, in addition to adopting new technologies, processes, structures, and materials to achieve high light efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability, and low cost of LED display screens, from a deeper perspective, Improving energy efficiency and light color quality should be considered as higher requirements for LED display screens, in order to truly provide people with product demand!

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