Performance indicators of LED screen displays

I believe everyone is familiar with LED screens, but many people are not very familiar with the performance indicators of LED screens. We will provide you with a detailed explanation here:

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Maximum brightness of led screens.
There is no clear characteristic requirement for the important performance of “maximum brightness”. Due to the diverse usage environments and varying illuminance of LED displays, for most complex products, as long as the corresponding test methods are specified in the standard, a performance data list provided by the supplier is better than the specific performance requirements specified in the standard.

Primary color main wavelength error
Changing the primary color main wavelength error indicator from “primary color wavelength error” to “primary color main wavelength error” can better illustrate what characteristic this indicator reflects on LED screens. The main wavelength of a color is equivalent to the color tone observed by the human eye, which is a psychological quantity and an attribute that distinguishes colors from each other.

Duty cycle
The duty cycle refers to the ratio of time that a high level occupies within one cycle. The duty cycle of the square wave is 50%, and the duty cycle is 0.5, indicating that the positive level takes up 0.5 cycles of time. As mentioned above, the “performance principle” states that whenever possible, requirements should be expressed by performance characteristics rather than design and description of characteristics, leaving the greatest room for technological development.
“Duty cycle” is purely a design technical requirement and should not be used as a performance indicator of LED display screen product standards;

refresh frequency
The refresh rate is the reciprocal of the time required to display a frame, treating the display screen as a luminous light source, which is the flicker frequency of the light source. We can directly test the flicker frequency of the light source on the display screen using an instrument similar to a photosensitive frequency meter to reflect this indicator.

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