New LED display screen technology for video streaming is urgent.

LED display screens are a fusion of multiple technologies, with interconnection interface technologies between various media. Based on this, in order to make LED display screens have broader application prospects and independent requirements, LED display technology innovation will be an inevitable trend, with great potential for expansion and innovation.

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Due to the bright colors and strong three-dimensional effect of LED display screens, which are as static as oil paintings and as dynamic as movies, they are widely used in full-color displays of large squares, commercial advertisements, corporate image promotion, sports events, information dissemination, news releases, securities trading, and other displays. Their development will promote the quality improvement of service industries and better meet the needs of China’s economic transformation and the development of the tertiary industry.

At present, there are many manufacturers engaged in LED display screen production in China, but the majority of them are processing enterprises with small scale and strength, and there are not many innovative research. There has not yet been a group of enterprises as the ultimate driving force for technology or leading enterprises with obvious advantages. The upstream process technology level can only be a follower of foreign process technology. At the same time, foreign companies are optimistic about the domestic market and are entering the country through joint ventures or sole proprietorships. For example, Barco has established a display screen production base in Beijing; Lighthouse Company has also established a production base in Huizhou, Guangdong; Daktronis, Rheinburg, Mitsubishi and other companies are optimistic that China will flood in one after another, putting pressure on already weak domestic LED manufacturers.

As a developing country, in order to occupy a place in the international LED display market, the country should create a favorable environment and policy support for enterprise development, encourage independent research and innovation of core technologies of enterprises to catch up with the world level.
Unregulated competition leads to greater sales pricing pressure on domestically produced LED products of the same grade; On the other hand, the unreasonable talent structure and lack of scientific and effective enterprise management mechanisms also limit and hinder the development of the LED display screen industry.
The LED industry needs to have a sense of crisis and mission, and advantageous enterprises need to integrate resources such as funds, technology, talent, and management within the entire industry, enhance the scale and strength of LED display screen manufacturers, and through enterprise mergers and acquisitions, create a leading enterprise in the LED industry, so that the LED industry can flourish and ultimately have its own well-known brand and independent technology

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