5G will promote the continuous upgrading of the LED display video walls

The Chinese LED display screen industry is marketed worldwide, and there has always been a saying that “the world’s LED display screens look at China”. However, there are few well-known brands in the world. Overall, the Chinese LED display screen industry is large but not strong, and it cannot make a good voice in the world’s LED display screen field.

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In terms of global communication technology, China has gone from being behind in 3G to being on par with developed Western countries in 4G, and then leading the world in 5G. The arrival of China’s 5G era and the continuous integration of 5G and LED display industry will also continuously promote the optimization and upgrading of the LED display industry. Chinese LED display companies will also leverage the power of 5G to export more high-quality display products to the world and make more efforts to build world-class international brands.

In the future, the integration of LED display screens and surrounding industries will extend to “LED Display Smart+” products, LED display screen products will also propose different solutions based on different scenarios, empowering the LED display screen industry and promoting continuous optimization and upgrading.

What should LED display screens do in the 5G era?
With the arrival of the 5G era, the integration of various industries with 5G technology will become increasingly common. The widespread application of 5G will require more display terminals, and LED displays will also occupy more market share in the future display market with their own advantages. LED display screen companies also need to strategically plan and layout the 5G market based on their own characteristics
The application of 5G technology on LED displays also puts higher demands on the performance of LED displays, which will encourage LED display companies to continuously improve their internal skills and performance, in order to better integrate with 5G.
The arrival of the 5G era, LED display screens also need to integrate 5G system solutions in the application of 5G technology to meet the requirements of interconnectivity in display applications, so as to transform LED display screens from product development to system integration.
5G presents both challenges and opportunities for LED displays, LED display screen enterprises need to forge ahead and promote the continuous development of their own enterprises and the entire industry with the help of the 5G wave.

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