Seven steps to purchasing outdoor LED display screens.

In modern cities with towering buildings, outdoor IP65 LED displays have become an indispensable and beautiful scenery. However, in recent harsh weather environments, outdoor LED displays often encounter problems, such as self ignition, quality and safety accidents caused by leakage. So, what details should be paid attention to when purchasing outdoor LED displays? will explain the seven steps one by one for everyone:

Step 1: High resolution, select at least 1920 display devices for outdoor applications × 1200 resolution. Because in this way, it can appear normally under the influence of sunlight, in order to meet the display effect in various long-distance or high-light environmental conditions.
Step 2: Waterproof and dustproof, with a waterproof grade of IPX5 and a waterproof grade of IP65; The requirement of using LED display screens outdoors is also indispensable and the first problem to be faced, so as to operate normally in heavy rain.
Step 3: Intelligent constant temperature, generally meeting the operating requirements: temperature: -30 ℃ -55 ℃, humidity: 10% -90%; Because outdoor LED display screens generate heat from three primary aspects during operation: solar radiation, air convection, and internal electronic software heating, temperature control plans must be determined based on regional temperature differences and equipment placement.
Step 4: Anti explosion and anti-theft measures. Special tempered laminated glass is generally used for anti explosion measures. Anti theft measures should avoid exposing screws and effectively combine anti-theft features with locks and sturdy structural support; Because outdoor LED displays are generally used in public places, public safety and the safety of the equipment themselves are issues that need to be considered outdoors;
Step 5: Lightning protection requires reliable lightning protection and electrical control design, as outdoor LED displays operate outdoors all day long. Therefore, reliable lightning protection design and methods must be in place to ensure safety and normal display during thunderstorms.
Step 6: Anti reflection, using glass with special coating treatment; To make the interface of outdoor LED displays clear and visible in outdoor environments, anti reflection is an important aspect to consider, in order to improve the visual viewpoint and resolution of the screen and reduce screen reflection.
Step 7: Anti electromagnetic interference, shielding the internal electrical components of the equipment; Because outdoor LED displays are used in outdoor environments and have uncontrollability, the anti electromagnetic interference function of outdoor devices has become very important. Therefore, using shielding methods is an indispensable and effective method.

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