Installation process of LED display screen

Survey of LED display screen installation site:
(1) Arrive at the installation site by construction technicians to conduct on-site investigations;
(2) Determine the installation location and surrounding environment of the LED electronic screen body;
(3) Determine the location and environment of the computer room where the control host is installed, as well as the control distance, etc;
(4) Measure the actual transmission distance of control signals and data signals.
2. Design wiring locations for transmission signal lines
(1) Construction personnel shall lay communication cables according to the design plan surveyed by technical personnel;
(2) Placement and deployment of routes; (including necessary excavation, drilling, chiseling, etc.)
(3) Burying conduit and threading, mainly for laying circuits;
(4) Install wire connectors.
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3. Production of screen frame
(1) The construction personnel shall construct the framework according to the reference design drawings provided by the structural designer;
(2) The production of steel frames; (Ensure the accuracy of structural fabrication)
(3) Welding and installation of steel frames;
(4) Construction of decorative materials outside the screen; (Mainly involving aesthetic decoration on the periphery)
(5) Lead wires for the internal power supply system of the screen.
4 Installation of LED electronic large screen body
(1) Installation and fixation of the box body; (Ensure the accuracy of positioning and the strength of connections to ensure the flatness and seamless appearance of the screen)
(2) Connection of the box, connection of signal lines, installation of distribution boxes, connection of power lines, and installation of control networks.
5 Debugging of LED electronic large screen system
(1) Testing of LED electronic large led screen power supply system;
(2) Testing and debugging of LED electronic large screen display system; Debugging of network systems; Debugging of multimedia systems.
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