What shape can outdoor LED screens be made into?

Outdoor LED screens can be designed according to the characteristics of the building. Common types include arcs (inner and outer arcs), diagonal irregularities on all sides, circles, spheres, corners, triangles, etc. Each type of LED large screen module with different styles requires special treatment.
We will explain the most commonly used curved LED large screens. Firstly, when making steel structures, it is necessary to design and weld according to the angle of the building’s wall. The box of the LED large screen (single cell box) also needs to be made according to the angle, and each LED module needs to be evenly spliced at a certain angle. This way, one curved LED large screen is completed.

p3.91 transparent led screen (7)
The irregular shaped LED large screen with four corners is relatively easier to make, and the middle part is also designed according to the plane. However, the box at the four corners needs to be designed and made according to the on-site size, such as the protruding or concave parts, which need to be made according to the actual size. Of course, the box size of each LED large screen is also different, and the principle is simple, just like building blocks, which can be assembled according to the desired shape, The main difficulty lies in the debugging stage, where special parameters need to be set according to the actual pixels of the LED screen and data connections need to be made.

Triangle LED large screens are relatively rare, mainly due to high development costs, and many users cannot accept the cost of special customization. Triangle LED large screens are usually flat, and the difference is that the size of each LED module needs special customization. The pixel arrangement is irregular, and it must be designed separately according to the required size. As it cannot be mass-produced, the cost is relatively high. Spherical LED large screens are based on triangular LED large screens, LED modules need to be made into curved surfaces, and several LED modules need to be completely assembled into a spherical shape, which is more difficult.

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