Our company’s vehicle-mounted LED display screen shipped smoothly to the US market

According to the characteristics of street media advertising video display, we have developed the first outdoor P2.0 car display screen, and developed LED display screen suitable for the field of transportation in the light of the intelligent transportation market. We use the car full screen for mobile advertising, which can intelligently change the content according to the audience, time and place, with strong stability, intelligent management, comprehensive protection and other functions.

car led display
The display screen is equipped with many intelligent sensors. During the construction of the whole smart city, it can provide reports such as air, traffic and temperature, and provide more data for urban development. Therefore, it is not only a good-looking product, but also a smart media, which can contribute to accelerating the process of urban intelligence.
From the production software and hardware management to the quality management, we are striving for perfection, conscientious and rigorous. Through unremitting efforts, the outdoor P2.0 car display has won great recognition from customers.
The first batch of vehicle-mounted LED displays cooperated with Firefly in the United States were successfully shipped, and the products officially entered the United States market.
Firefly is a strategic partner of American taxi, UBER and other companies, focusing on street digital media. It has been operating in the U.S. market for several years, with 430 million times of display per month, 650000 hours of broadcast content, covering 40000 square miles, which can help taxi drivers increase their income by 50% to 70% and reap good economic benefits.

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