What is a full color LED display screen for indoor outdoor?

Full color LED display screen: LED is the abbreviation for light emitting diode, abbreviated as LED.
LED, abbreviated as light emitting diode. It is a diode made of gallium (Ga) and arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), and indium (In) compounds by controlling the display mode of semiconductor light-emitting diodes. When electrons and holes recombine, visible light can be emitted, which can be used to make light-emitting diodes.

Used as an indicator light in circuits and instruments, or as a text or digital display. Gallium arsenide diodes emit red light, gallium phosphide diodes emit green light, silicon carbide diodes emit yellow light, indium gallium nitrogen diodes
Full color LED display screen is a type of novastar system LED display  with rich colors. It is composed of three primary colors (red, green, and blue) display unit boards, with 256 grayscale levels of red, green, and blue each forming 16777216 colors, enabling LED display screens to display dynamic images with rich colors, high saturation, high resolution, and high display frequency.
Basic principles of color adjustment for full color LED display screens.

The display data of each point on the CRT display includes three color data: red (R), green (G), and blue (B). Each color data is represented by an integer of O-255, and when R, G, and B are all 255, it is displayed in white; When both are O, they are displayed in black. The display data of the LED screen is taken from the PC’s graphics card, which is the data output from the PC to the CRT. After outputting this data to the LED screen, the presence of yellow light in the green light causes distortion in the LED display. The purpose of color adjustment is to minimize the impact of unwanted yellow light as much as possible.
The full color LED display screen has clear graphics, uniform colors, and high brightness. It adopts ultra high brightness LED, which is still clearly visible from a long distance.
LED full color display screen adopts nonlinear correction technology, resulting in clearer images and stronger sense of hierarchy; Strong reliability: Adopting distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, it has higher reliability and stability; Full color LED display screen supports multiple display modes;

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