RGBlink has risen to the top ranks to offer progressive LED display software solutions

Dive into the future of display management with two of RGBlink’s exceptional products: the Subito NX Control System and the GX2L/GX4L LED Controllers.

The Subito NX Control System redefines the LED display controller software blueprint through advanced integrated designs. Its superb LED display control software system encompasses a comprehensive range of components, including integrated LED control processing machines, sending card bare cards, and receiving card bare cards.

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The GX2L and GX4L LED display controller software offer convenience and quality in display management. The GX2L supports dual network ports and a 1.31 million maximum pixel load. At the same time, the GX4L boasts four network outputs and a full pixel load of 2.31 million, supporting resolutions up to 2048 ×1152 @60 or custom resolutions.

RGBlink has been at the forefront of significant technology and installations awards worldwide, including the MondoDR Awards from 2017 to 2020 and the ISE inAVation Awards from 2018 to 2022 (exception of 2021).

RGBlink’s innovative LED display software solutions aim to redefine the boundaries of control and customization, allowing you to craft stunning displays that captivate and engage. Here is a further breakdown of RGBlink’s two LED display screen software and their features:

Subito NX Control System

Bid farewell to the woes of maintainability and high costs. The Subito NX series includes an integrated LED control processing machine, sending card bare cards, receiving card bare cards, and more. Notably, it seamlessly integrates with RGBlink’s modular design processing equipment, propelling its application versatility beyond market standards.

The Subito NX Control System tackles challenges like poor centralized management and lackluster customer experiences. It’s your ultimate solution for creating and managing mesmerizing LED displays.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Move Configuration for enabling flexible positioning of control cards and intricate display connections
  • Screen Image Adjustment for tailoring display brightness, available through software-controlled lamp beads.
  • LED Panel Display Software Library Configuration: To generate LED screen display software and configuration files effortlessly using RGBlink’s XPOSE software, streamlining usability and reducing costs.
  • 3D Display: Create immersive 3D effects using the 3D hologram LED fan display software, perfect for educational institutions, research centers, and architectural showcases.
  • Self-Check Function: Pinpoint faults and anticipate screen issues with precise self-checking features, enhancing troubleshooting efficiency.
  • Modular Design: Embrace the power of limitless expansion and customization with SubitoNX Quatro’s creative module design technology.

GX2L and GX4L LED Controllers

Empower your visual storytelling with GX2L and GX4L LED Controllers, the gateway to seamless video processing in your LED display control system software. These controllers offer convenience and quality and enhance display management creativity.

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