NovaStar stands out as a global leader in LED display software.

Unlike other LED display software developers, NovaStar has a suite of cutting-edge software tailored to meet your specific display needs.

For instance, V-Can and SmartLCT offer seamless control and unmatched flexibility, while NovaLCT bridges the gap between PCs and control systems. NovaStar’s ingenious Vision Management Platform (VMP) further enhances device management and screen configuration.

Since powering the 2008 Beijing Olympics presentations with its first generation of NovaStar’s Synchronous Control system N100, NovaStar LED display software have been used in several other global events, including the 2016 Rio Olympic games and 2018 World Cup in Russia.

NovaStar’s commitment to innovation solidifies its position as the go-to choice for worldwide businesses seeking exceptional LED display solutions. Here are NovaStar’s five major LED display software and their features:

novastar software

Video Control Software (V-Can)

A smart control tool for video processors and all-in-one controllers with a user-friendly interface and cross-platform support for Windows and Mac. V-Can supports J6 and N9 and all-in-one controllers like VX5s and VX6s.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely visualized operations that are easy to operate and use
  • Cross-platform design: V-Can is supported on Windows and Mac
  • All-in-one controllers used to simultaneously connect and control multiple video processors

SmartLCT – Screen Configuration Software

The next-generation screen configuration software with one-click replacement of receiving cards, 18bit+ support, and ClearView compatibility. It simplifies building-block screen configuration and offers seam brightness adjustment and cabinet rotation.


  • You can update the software online
  • Supports 18bit+ for improved grayscale. Canvas can be exported as image.
  • Armor series and MCTRL R5 for image rotation at any angle
  • Readback of receiving card program and configuration information
  • Supports hot backup and cabinet brightness and chroma adjustment in batches.

NovaLCT – LED Configuration Tool for Multimedia Player

The ultimate LED screen configuration tool, catering to both synchronous and asynchronous control systems. It offers practical functions for screen configuration, monitoring, redundancy settings, and more.

  • Automatic and manual screen configuration for LED light modules
  • Smart settings for all-round configurations for regular and irregular modules on the receiving card
  • Easy package installation from NovaStar’s online database
  • Practical functions available, including screen monitoring, redundancy settings, brightness adjustment, multi-batch adjustment, multifunction card management, etc.
  • Broad scope of applications for configuring NovaStar synchronous control system products and multimedia players of asynchronous control systems

Vision Management Platform (VMP) 

Part of the COEX series, VMP excels in device management, screen configuration, color processing, and preset management, enhancing user experience.

  • Easy single-device and grouped-device controls.
  • Fast configuration of regular or irregular screens
  • Distinct topology area and properties areas for previewing input source in real-time, and setting various module properties easily.
  • Easy input source configuration for external and internal sources, and for setting layers for all-in-one controllers.
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