How is the price of LED display screens calculated?

Firstly, let’s take a look at several major factors that affect LED displays:
1、 The impact of specifications on the price of LED display screens;
2、 The impact of raw materials on the price of LED display screens;
3、 The impact of main supporting systems on the price of LED display screens;
4、 The impact of construction factors on the price of LED display screens;
Due to factors such as the installation location, installation method, screen size, and frame structure selection of LED display screens, there will definitely be significant differences in the engineering prices of LED display screens, especially when making LED outdoor billboards, due to the influence of the construction environment, the engineering prices vary greatly.

5、 Other factors:
The payment method, tax rate, transportation method, and LED display screen manufacturer‘s own factors all determine the quotation of LED display screens.
So how does the manufacturer calculate the price of LED screens?
Calculation method for LED screen price:
1. Calculated by square meters, it is one of the most commonly used methods for indoor and outdoor full color, dual color, and monochrome LED displays.
2. Calculate prices by point; Indoor full color LED display screen, which is a commonly used calculation method in cooperation between manufacturers and intermediaries.
3. Calculate prices by module; Outdoor monochrome, semi outdoor monochrome, outdoor full color LED display screens, etc. These are the calculation methods used by intermediaries to obtain goods from manufacturers.
The engineering price of the display screen=screen price * screen area+control system cost+frame structure cost+transportation and installation cost+
The cost of the distribution system includes the cost of power lines, data cables, steel frames, and civil engineering, as well as taxes
1) Calculation method for screen area:
Screen area=Screen length * Screen height
Screen length=length of the selected unit board * number of unit boards
Screen height=height of the selected unit board * number of unit boards
Calculation method for the price of LED display screen control system:
A set of control cards, usually priced at 450 yuan for indoor use, and 530 yuan for outdoor and semi outdoor use. (The offline control height of a general display screen should not exceed 256 pixels and the control length should not exceed 1024 pixels.)
Prices exceeding the above requirements will be charged at twice the price. Offline control is when it is necessary to modify the display data
Using computer control)
The synchronous control system consists of a dual function graphics display card with computer, DVI, and VGA, a display data transmission card, a dedicated data connection cable, and a data receiving card (N pieces). Generally, the height of control points for indoor single and dual color displays should not exceed 512 points, and the length should not exceed 1024 points. One receiving card is sufficient.
The general quotation is for computer customers to take care of themselves. The graphics display card with dual functions of DVI and VGA costs 450 yuan, the display data sending card (single and dual color) costs 550 yuan, and the receiving card costs 550 yuan (The overall synchronization system cost can be 1500 yuan/set)
The above is a common method for calculating the price of LED display screens.

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