Do you know how to maintain LED display screens?

The vast majority of LED screen malfunctions are caused by inadequate maintenance and upkeep, so the maintenance and upkeep of LED electronic displays is a significant issue.
To do a good job in maintenance and upkeep, we need to first understand and analyze the causes of LED digital screen damage.
The high temperature of LED lights can deteriorate the characteristics of LED screens, and if water enters the interior of the lamp, it can also have a significant impact.

There are many reasons for a sudden increase in the voltage of the power supply, such as quality issues with the power supply or improper use by users, which can cause a sudden increase in the voltage of the power supply and cause damage to the display screen.
A local short circuit in the power supply path of an LED screen caused by a short circuit in a component, printed line, or other wire in the circuit, increases the voltage at that location.
A certain LED screen is damaged due to its own quality, resulting in a short circuit, and its original voltage drop is transferred to other LED screens.
Failure to properly prevent static electricity during assembly has caused damage to the interior of the LED screen due to static electricity. Although normal voltage and current values are applied, it is extremely easy to cause damage to the LED screen.
In fact, some problems are not caused by the quality of the product itself, but rather by our lack of attention to maintenance during daily use.
Generally speaking, the main reasons for LED screen damage are as follows: In actual operation, the upper limit of the LED screen is 20mA current, but it often increases due to various reasons in use. If protective measures are not taken, the increased current will exceed a certain time and amplitude, and the LED screen will be damaged.
After understanding the reasons why LED screens malfunction due to lack of maintenance, we should consider the characteristics of LED screen usage and add protective circuits to it.
The first protective measure for LED screens should be to use safety tubes. But the safety tube is disposable and the reaction speed is too slow, which is not only ineffective but also troublesome to use, so the safety tube is not suitable for use in current LED screen light products.
LED screens are optoelectronic semiconductor devices that are easily damaged by static electricity during assembly. This requires electrostatic protection during the assembly process.
What tools and spare parts should be prepared for LED screen maintenance?
Common tools: electric soldering iron, screwdriver, suction tube, flat wire and mesh wire crimping pliers, side cutters;
Equipped with components: spare light for display screen, spare chip, flat cable, network cable, crystal head, power cord, etc.

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