The era of LED creative video display has come

Nowadays, the widespread use of conventional LED displays that can be seen everywhere in daily life has caused the aesthetic fatigue of the public. In this personalized era of high-speed operation of information, users urgently need innovation and highlights. Moreover, the conventional LED display products tend to be homogeneous, and the intensification of its vicious competition also urges some display application manufacturers to find new breakthrough points and rack their brains to develop innovative new products. In addition, with the particularity of industry, site and display materials, higher requirements are put forward for the method, form and shape of common display. This is a renewal process of the survival of the fittest and an inevitable result of the development of the industry.

creative led display
In terms of the current development situation, the demand for creative display in the fields of commerce, advertising and entertainment has also increased year by year. For example, museums, science and technology museums and other cultural venues, commercial complexes, landmark buildings, bars, and amusement products need more creative display to reflect the scene effect and visual experience. In addition, through the application and performance requirements of different places, targeted creative ideas are needed in terms of appearance design, performance forms and software. In recent years, there have also been many amazing classic cases of creative LED display in the industry, which also left us a deep impression and even made us proud. This visual experience presented to people in the form of information media has more flexible interactive performance, displays different content information according to different needs, and makes a comprehensive breakthrough, which is satisfied with the timeliness, comprehensiveness and dissemination of information pursued by users.
Technological progress is inevitable for development. High-tech “black technology” abounds
As a high-tech product LED display wall, the iterative updating of technology is the main profit point and product highlight. At the beginning of the rise of LED display screen, due to the backwardness of technology, LED display screen only has a single function of displaying information and images. With the progress of technology, especially the development of process manufacturing and product personalization, as well as the technical improvement of LED display control system, LED display has made great breakthroughs and development in both appearance and content. For example, the appearance of LED special-shaped displays also breaks the traditional concept that large screen splicing systems can only be spliced into rectangular shapes. It can be freely spliced into various irregular shapes to display more creative content. It can not only attract the audience’s attention in advance, but also better expand the application range of LED display splicing.

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