Solution to full color LED display screen mosaic problem.

With the rapid development and promotion of full color LED display screens, a series of corresponding problems have also emerged. Many users have some confusion during the use process. Next, let’s analyze and understand the reasons for LED display screen flicker. Many factors can cause LED display screen flicker, including the following:

Factors of the product itself:
1、 It is related to the material of LED light emitting tubes and the magnitude of chip leakage current.
2、 It is related to the packaging process and maturity of packaging technology of packaging manufacturers. The finished lamps packaged by manufacturers with immature packaging technology also have screen patterns when used on LED screens
3、 Related to the production and assembly process of LED display screen manufacturers, such as welding process, SMD process for inserting lights, etc
4、 The driving current and voltage are related to the calculation of the capacitance and resistance used for the entire screen control
5、 Related to the design of the screen cover or the number of screws
The latter three types can still be repaired or corrected after the finished product is made. The second type, if it causes the entire screen to be basically irreparable or can only reduce the position of the screen area, is unlikely to restore to the best state. If the first type of inferior material is used, it cannot be restored
Other factors:
1. Poor heat dissipation in the chassis, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the graphics card. Solution: Eliminate heat dissipation issues; Check if the fan is running normally, add oil to the fan, clean the dust inside the chassis, and solve the heat dissipation problem before troubleshooting.
2. After reinstalling the system, the graphics card or monitor does not support high resolution.
(1) Restart the computer, press the F8 key continuously, select “Safe Mode” from the advanced startup menu, press Enter to log in to the system, and then enter the display settings in Windows. After selecting the 16 color status, click the “Apply” button, and then click the “OK” button.
(2) Restart the computer, enter the device manager in Windows normal mode, delete the graphics card driver, and restart the computer.
3. Are the two rows of cables and power cables connected in reverse? Solution: Carefully check if the power cord and ribbon cable are connected in the wrong direction.
4. If a new led screen is installed with power on, it may be due to incorrect scanning of the control card settings or incorrect insertion of the ribbon cable (check the ribbon cable from the control card to the first board), as well as incorrect connection of the 5V power supply. If it was used normally for a period of time before it malfunctioned, then in addition to the control card failure, the most likely thing is that the board has water and burned the chip or power supply.

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