Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screen is Shining for the outside advertising.

With the rapid development of computers in the 21st century and the widespread emergence and application of high-tech, outdoor LED display media has emerged.
Among all advertising media, outdoor full color LED display screens have a large screen area, stunning visual effects, and can fully attract the audience’s attention. They are a new combination of media and high-tech.

LED display media also has the advertising characteristic of high effective arrival rate. Compared with media placement forms such as television and newspapers, the price of LED display screens is relatively low. It can serve as a beautiful symbol of urban prosperity and development.
The full color LED display system, as the “fifth largest media” after television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, is rapidly entering various aspects of social life.
It integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology, and information processing technology, and can display information in four forms: text, patterns, animations, and videos. Compared with media such as television walls and magnetic flip panels, the LED large screen display system has beautiful patterns and bright colors: rich and fast changes in patterns and colors; Low power consumption, lifespan, low usage cost, stable and reliable operation, and other characteristics.

It displays a large visual angle and a long viewing distance, making it widely used in large squares, commercial advertisements, sports venues, information dissemination, news releases, and securities trading. LED full color displays are also used in industrial control and industrial mobilization systems, making it easier to display various parameters, alarm points, and process flows more clearly and perfectly, meeting the needs of different environments.
Full color LED display screens are a new type of information display media that rapidly developed globally in the 1990s. It combines modern high-tech and has a series of advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection, bright colors, dynamic display of images and text, and wide visual range. These characteristics form the unique and irreplaceable value of outdoor media.
Full color LED display screens have gone from single and dual color graphic display screens to image display screens. The development process of full color LED display screens until today. During this period, significant progress has been made in both performance (improving brightness of LED displays and blue light emitting lights) and system composition (computerized umbrella dynamic display system). Currently, it has reached the level of ultra high brightness full color video display, which can meet the requirements of various applications.

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