LED screens become the most promising “new darling” at the annual conference。

With the maturity of LED display screen technology and the decline in prices, LED display screen products for evening scenes are rapidly becoming popular. Especially the full color LED display screen products that can play video content, have better text and image effects, and can support DVD playback, some TV signals, and even live video broadcasting functions have become a new favorite in the commercial display market.
The manufacturing of outdoor LED advertising display screens and LED color screens involves numerous processes, from the most basic display raw materials (LED light-emitting diodes, packaging, kits, circuit boards, capacitors, resistors, driver ICs, etc.) to display unit modules and then to the box, every step requires continuous improvement. The LED display screen adopts low voltage scanning drive, which has advantages such as low power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, large viewing angle, long visual distance, waterproof, and a variety of specifications. It can meet the needs of various application scenarios and has a very broad development prospect. It is recognized as the most promising and fastest-growing LED application market.

So how do you choose the LED screen that best suits your needs?
According to a staff member from a certain LED display screen manufacturer, first of all, you should determine whether your LED display screen is installed outdoors or indoors. If installed outdoors, it is generally recommended to use LED display screens of P10/P12/P16/P20 specifications, especially the P10 and P16 models, which have a usage rate of over 80%. If the large screen is installed indoors, the P3/P4/P5/P6/P7.62 LED display screen is usually used. Due to its high price, the P3 three in one full color LED display screen still has a relatively low market share. As customers continue to improve their requirements for resolution and clarity, the sales of P7.62 are gradually increasing. P4/P5/P6 full color screens have a market share of over 70% indoor LED displays.
In addition, it depends on the viewing distance and display area of the LED display screen installation location. If the outdoor LED advertising screen has an area of about 30 square meters and a viewing distance of more than 10 meters, it is recommended to use P10. If the area is over 40 square meters and the viewing distance is beyond 20 meters, P16 can be considered. The indoor display screen has an area of 3-5 square meters, and P4 or P5 LED screens have good effects. It is recommended to use P5 for screens below 10 square meters, and P6 full color LED screens can be used for viewing distances beyond 6 meters above 10 square meters.
Finally, it also depends on the specific usage environment of the display screen, which is generally divided into fixed and detachable LED large screens. Fixed LED color screens generally do not require movement and are usually made using a simple box or sealed standard box. Use aluminum plastic board or stainless steel for edge decoration on the outside. Removable LED large screens are commonly used on performance stages as background displays. This type of LED display screen box requires high requirements and requires the use of a rental box, with aviation plugs and one card per box (one receiving card per box).

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