LED display screen industry standards urgently need improvement.

In recent years, the LED display screen industry in China has developed rapidly. In 2008, China mainly used LED application products such as solar LED and full color LED display screens, with an output value exceeding 45 billion yuan.
The period from 2009 to 2010 was a period of vigorous development for the LED industry. China not only saw a significant increase in investment in this field, but also achieved a certain degree of technological breakthroughs.

However, compared to the international technological level, the level of high-end products and key technology processes is relatively backward, especially in terms of product standardization, overall system design, reliability, manufacturing processes, testing methods, and other aspects.
Nevertheless. The LED display factory industry is developing rapidly, especially with the discovery and development of emerging fields, intensified competition among enterprises, and low profits. The speed of setting industry standards is far slower than the speed of industrial development.
Due to the mixed product standard parameters of various LED display screen manufacturers, internal management of enterprises is chaotic and social wealth is wasted.
The standardization of every aspect of LED display screen products is conducive to the standardized production of the entire machine. With the continuous breakthroughs in domestic and international technology and the continuous development of industries, the original standard (SJ/T 11141-2003) has shown some shortcomings in the implementation process, making it difficult to adapt to the current development speed and needs of China. There is an urgent need to further improve the content requirements. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has proposed a plan to revise this standard.
In 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the electronic industry standard SJ/T 11141-2012 “General Specification for LED Display Screen”, which added an important top-level standard to China’s optoelectronic display product standard system. It is the main basis for the design, manufacturing, testing, installation, acceptance, use, quality inspection of LED display screen products, as well as the formulation of various technical standards and documents, especially for the development and acceptance of large screen displays.
The formulation and implementation of industry standards for LED display screens is not only the work of industry associations, but also a matter of concern for major related enterprises.
At present, a considerable number of enterprises have taken the lead in participating in the formulation and improvement of various standards.

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