How to prevent lightning strikes on outdoor LED display screens.

We must take corresponding measures to prevent lightning damage and damage to LED displays.

There are usually three forms of lightning strikes: direct lightning, inductive lightning, and spherical lightning.
1. For direct lightning protection, lightning rods should be installed on the support structure of outdoor LED displays. For indoor LED displays or LED displays with tall buildings nearby, lightning rods may not be considered for installation.

2. In response to the steel structure’s counterattack, the rigid structure is combined with; The shell of the ED display screen is connected, equipotential, and grounded. The grounding resistance value is generally required to be less than 10 ohms. If the resistance value cannot meet the requirements, an additional artificial grounding grid needs to be installed. Lightning protection devices should also be grounded properly.
3. Install single-phase or three-phase power supply lightning protectors on the power line for the induced lightning current. The cross-sectional area of the connecting line of the phase line shall not be less than 10mm square, and the cross-sectional area of the connecting ground wire shall not be less than 16mm square.
4. Install a signal lightning arrester on the signal line to address the induced lightning current. The signal lightning arrester is determined based on the signal interface of the system. If it is a network cable, install the network signal lightning arrester, and if it is a serial interface, install the DB9 interface lightning arrester, etc. The cross-sectional area of the connecting ground wire should not be less than 1.5mm square.
Grounding is the most important aspect of lightning protection technology, whether it is direct lightning, induced lightning, or other forms of lightning, ultimately sending lightning current to the ground. Therefore, without a reasonable and good grounding device, reliable lightning protection cannot be achieved. The smaller the grounding resistance, the faster the current dissipation, and the shorter the high potential holding time of the object being struck by lightning, resulting in less danger.
When designing and constructing lightning protection facilities, the construction unit should comprehensively consider factors such as geology, soil, meteorology, environment, and protected objects, as well as lightning activity patterns, and adopt safe, reliable, technologically advanced, and economically reasonable design and construction. Lightning protection equipment, devices, and devices that meet national standards in terms of technology and quality should be used, and non-standard lightning protection products and devices should be avoided.

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