How to change the font of LED display screens.

LED displays have the following ways to change the font of LED screens for everyone:

1. Using a mobile phone or remote control
Edit SMS sending to change advertising subtitles
2. Using a USB drive
Firstly, in the software menu section, click on USB Download to save the set parameters and content before sending it to the USB drive.
If you need to change the program, copy the content on a USB flash drive and replace it on the LED screen.
3. Using a serial cable
Firstly, connect the LED advertising screen to the computer, then open the display control software, set the screen parameters, edit the font of the program, and finally click Send.
PS: Generally, LED electronic displays use USB and COM interfaces to transmit data.
Just use the USB interface to transfer data and modify the display screen content. Common examples include ledshow2012 and ledplay
Software (downloaded for free on the official website), and then modified within the software; And set the screen parameters (related to the LED display control card).
Finally, click on USB download to download the content to be modified to a USB drive, and connect the USB drive to the USB port on the display screen.
These are the specific methods for changing the characters on LED display screens, which should help popularize some knowledge for future use;
If the above methods have not been improved, we suggest that you contact the LED display screen product service provider for resolution. Thank you~!



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