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Solution for Advertising LED Displays


Mobile led display often installed it in the truck or bus, and it can moved from one place to other place, So there are a great many of audience and not limited by the install place.
The features of the mobile led display include:

  1. Short viewing distance:usually,the distance between the audience and screen is short, so it requires short viewing distance
  2. High definition:because the people are near with screen body, so it should has high definition for the vivid showing effects
  3. High brightness:the mobile led display is used in the outdoor, so it should have the high brightness,the 7500cd/sq.m not the must but the best.
  4. Good vibrate resistance:for the mobile led display are installed on the bus or car,so it must has good vibrate resistance,and has long service time.
  5. High contrast ration: 4000:1

Which is a very high level to ensure a vivid image of our led display screen systems

  1. High IP grade:The IP of the mobile led display should be IP65 at least.