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Indoor Rental LED Display

P4.81 indoor led video wall Panel in UK


P4.8 Indoor Project in UK
Location: UK
Type and area: P4.8 led display/38.25 square meters

1.Light weight: it can be loaded by one person, quick assembling, quick maintain, reduce. carrying, save costs.
2.Thin cabinet:the thickness is only 6.5 CM, the space of the screen is small , and the entire screen will be more beautiful.
3.Flat screen:smooth surface error is under 0.2cm, it can remove the mosaic phenomenon .effectively. The effect of the display will be more clear and exquisite.
4. Quick dismounting:adopt fast locking structure connected, firm, quick, beautiful.
5. Low release heat: low noise, low consumption, low cost, excellent thermal design and excellent thermal


P4.81 indoor led video wall Panel in UK
P4.81 indoor led video wall Panel in UK



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