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Find the Right LED Display Manufacturer.
Getting an LED display is an investment. Before you purchase one, it is recommended to research about the manufacturer behind it. This prevents you from gambling your success to an unknown manufacturer or to a lesser quality product.
Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask is very important. Through this, you can avoid buying an inferior LED display that will hurt your business or costs your money and even your reputation.
How Can I Find the Right LED Display Manufacturer
Here are 5 good questions to ask that will help you in choosing the right manufacturer.
1. How long has the company been in business?

Know the company you are buying from. Do they specialize in LED signs?
The LED sign industry is booming and companies selling LED signage are popping all over. Most claim to give you the lowest prices and fastest installation. These look like  very attractive and tempting options. But, price is just one component. If you decided based on price alone, you might end up with a product with little future, a bad warranty with minimal after-sales technical support.
A company who has been in the business for a decent period of time has different versions or models of previous signage they have manufactured. Check their sign evolutions to know their technologies and see how they arrived at their current offerings based on their experience.
2. Do they manufacture their own signs?
Know how they integrate their manufacturing process for the highest quality sign.
Most companies claim to be "made in USA." But in reality, its components are made in other countries, and are only assembled in the USA. If you can check their factories and know who their designers, engineers or software programmers are, then much better.
3. Do they have a dedicated service or support department?
It pays to check the level of support that your LED sign manufacturer will provide before you make a purchase. Some buyers assume that every company has a dedicated support department that will take care of those after sales issues. Though, some buyers get disappointed when they can't get any support from their signage, especially when they purchase from newer or lesser known companies.
Try calling their advertised technical departments phone number and see how long it takes to get a hold of some one.
4. Do they have clients you can call?
Ask to speak to their customers to know how the company supported them. Getting referrals from clients who've never had problems is easy. But it's more impressive to get referrals from clients who were given quick assistance by the manufacturer.
5. What's unique about their system?
Any sales person should be able to tell you at least five points about what makes their LED display different from the rest.
A manufacturer that stands out from the rest can help you be at your best. This can include any of the following:
◎ Check if they have a successful history of product lines.
◎ Do they have easy to use led sign software
◎ Do they stand behind the performance of their LED signs?
◎ What type of warranty is included wit their sign?
Before making a purchase, make an informed decision for a product that you're going to use for a long time. Purchasing an LED sign solution must have all the desired features, warranty offers, and after sales service, etc. All these will surely give your business the boost it need. - 
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