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Advertising Value of LED display
Not only a display for displaying information.
From primary single and double LED display to full-color LED display, from DIP to SMD outdoor, LED displays were widely used in different applications. With the rapid development of technology, people’s thoughts changed a lot. We should disinter potential value of LED display and change its primary value to enter our daily life.
Amazing Value of LED display
How to assimilate into surrounding environment?
It is a serious problem of disharmony during LED display and surrounding environments. So how to keep balance in them is a question. The best way to settle this problem is perfectly combined LED display with surrounding environment. In outdoor LED industry, some company do well, perfectly combined LED display with surrounding buildings. 

Search breakthrough from core value.
Now many LED companies contribute to Creative LED displays, some develop oil painting LED display. It’s a new trend of developing creative LED displays. 
LED industry stepped into a difficult time in China by overcapacity, price war, earnings dilution. How should we innovate LED products to create more values? That’s really a good question to think about.
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