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LED Display Screen solution for codes
As we know, the LED display screen may suddenly occur the unreadable codes phenomenon, then the LED display screen may not work properly. So, how should we solve the unreadable codes problem of LED display screen ? Generally speaking, we can find out reasons from the following several aspects.
The Unreadable Codes Problem of LED Display Screen 
First, the software or control card problem
The reasons why unreadable codes occur may be parameter settings problem. In that time, you need check the scan configuration problem, it usually is 1/4 sweep. If it is not the software problem, then you need check the control card, if both of them have no problems after the test, you can contact the service provider to solve this problem.
Second, the cable problem
If the first unusual piece of module has dark light, it may be power supply problem. After we have excluded power supply problems, we need test the unusual module problem.
Third, the water leakage problem
In most instances, the unreadable codes problem is related with the water leakage problem. If the waterproof measures are not sufficient, it may lead to the short circuit problem after the rain. After this occurs, you need immediately contact the supplier or repair factory to repair it.
Fourth, data transmission problem
If the control circuit failure, you need focus on the examination of power supply and signal input portion. The damage of control system board, data line interface or data cable may lead to the unreadable codes problem.
The unreadable codes problem belongs to common problems, you needn’t be nervous when you encounter such problems, you just need carefully check it. If the problem is not resolved, you should contact the LED display manufacturer as soon as possible.
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