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LED Display Screen and DLP Display Screen
In our daily life, many people are confused by the LED display screen and DLP display screen, they think that those are the same thing. In fact, if we have understood its characteristics, it is not difficult to distinguish it.So, how to distinguish the LED display screen and DLP display screen?
How to Distinguish the LED Display Screen and DLP Display Screen? 
First, the requirements about installation environment
The LED display screen is not high for the environmental requirements, but the DLP display screens are usually installed in the indoor environment to ensure a stable working environment. It also has higher environmental requirements, it need be well sealed, and we need prevent it from dust and water.
Second, the comparison about the display effect
The LED display screen can be divided into single-color, dural-color, tri-color and full color LED display screen, it reaches the display effect by the conversion between different light and shade. However, the DLP need to put the video signal through digital processing, and then the light is projected.
Third, the differences of installation methods
The installation methods of LED display screen can be mounted in many ways, such as a wall, ceiling, bracket, it can adapt a variety of installation environments. The installation methods of DLP display screen basically adopt floor mounting bracket installation.
Fourth, the comparison of application areas
The LED display screen has a wide range of application areas, and DLP displays are basically commercial use or state-owned enterprises, it is mainly used in indoor environment, and it is not suitable for outdoor or semi-outdoor environment. So, the full color LED display market is still very large. 
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