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Monochrome Electronic Outdoor LED Displays
In most cases it is the MESSAGE you are trying to communicate that is important if you want to increase your sales.
The question is whether or not your 'message' is best communicated in words or pictures. For example, if you sell cheeseburgers then it will be very easy for you to use a Full Color RGB Video LED Display to entice passers-by with a picture of a mouth watering cheeseburger. But what if you sell Insurance? How will you use a picture to entice a passer-by to stop in and purchase your insurance?
The type of product and/or service that you sell will determine whether text or graphics is best to promote your business. All business types can use text to advertise on and LED Display but not all businesses will benefit from the use of images, graphics or video.
An Outdoor Monochrome LED Sign can do the job of advertising your business for less than half the cost of a Full Color RGB Video LED Sign.
Quite often business owners make the mistake of thinking that Full Color LED Signs must be a better choice since it offers more color than a Monochrome LED Sign. At nearly twice the investment a Full Color LED Sign requires a much greater return on investment to justify the cost.
If you are considering an Outdoor LED Sign you should first determine why you are buying it.
If our are considering an LED Sign you're most likely hoping to advertise your business with it and thereby increase your sales, right? Well, how much money would you like to spend to get the job done? As little as necessary to get the job done effectively right?
An Outdoor Monochrome LED Display is the perfect solution to get your sales up without breaking the bank.
Outdoor Monochrome LED Signs use a single color of LED to create text and / or graphics. The text can be displayed using a variety of display options like sparkle, flash, blink and scroll to create a message that will catch the eye of everyone as they approach your business.
It is the 'eye-catching' brightness and motion of Electronic Programmable LED Displays & Signs that makes them so effective.
Most retail businesses are located amongst hundreds of other businesses all competing with one another for the attention of vehicles and pedestrians as they pass by their business.
Does your business stand out?
An Outdoor Monochrome LED Sign helps your business stand out. Standing out from the rest of the businesses will increase your sales. More attention for your business always translates into more sales.
Our LED Signs pack more punch per pixel than our competitors signs. Our LED Displays contain more LEDs per pixel, have the best brightness, and an amazing 140° viewing angle making them the premier Monochrome LED Signs in the industry.
Our signs are constructed to meet the most rigorous standards which why we can offer a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty on all the parts.
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