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LED Sign or Display right for your business?
Is an LED Sign or Display right for your business?  If you have ever priced an LED Sign you know that they aren't cheap!  LED Signs can often cost more than $20,000 once you have covered the purchase, freight, permits and installation.  With a $20,000 average price tag, the important question you have to ask is why are LED Signs&Displays popping up all over the place?  Why are so many business making such a significant investment in a sign?
The answer is simple.  Business owners are making much more from the LED Signs than they are investing in them!  In other words LED Signs are generating profits for business owners above and beyond the cost.
Many business owners spread the cost of the displays out over time using a lease option for their LED Signs that allows them to make small monthly payments. There are many types of LED Signs.  An average monthly lease payment for a Monochrome LED Sign is around $600 per month.
With a payment as low as $600 a business owner is given the ability to advertise to the pasing traffic for around $20 a day!  Twenty four hours of up to date viable information can be transmitted to the potential patrons passing by on the street in front of your business for the cost of lunch with your spouse.
Most businesses are able to realize a profit immediately using the lease option. It doesn't take many new customers to generate a $40 profit for a business.  When your new LED Sign is bringing in just a few customers a day you will easily see a profit double that of your investment.  If I offered to trade you a twenty dollar bill this morning for two twenty dollar bills this afternoon would you take me up on it?
The key to seeing a return on your investment in an LED Sign is to make sure that your business meets a few basic qualification criteria:
Is your business located on a busy street (5,000 cars or more daily)?
Do you offer a product or service of interest to a large segment of the general public?
Will your local city ordinances allow you to have an LED Sign at your business location?
If your business is located on a rural farm road in the middle of nowehere and your average customer spends $20 you are not likely to see a significant return on your investment.  If you are selling a product that is of little interest to the general public such as hand-made porcelain dolls again, an LED Sign might not be right for you.  If your local government won't allow you to have a sign that changes electronically then an LED Sign is definitely wrong for you!
If you answered yes to the three questions above chances are your business will profit from an LED Sign! 
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