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Buying LED display screen with good prices
Before buying a LED display ,you must know what’s the best for you. The best for you may not the best one but exactelly the right one, Some factors are below for advise you choice. 

Step1 Sign permit
Can a sign permit be obtained?

Step2 Power source and signal
How will the display receive power and signal


Step3 Audience and technology
What display resolution is most appropriate for the location?
What is the minimum viewing distance?
What size should the display be?
What viewing angles are needed?

Step4 Sight obstructions
Are there any obstructions at the site?
If yes, details:

Step5 Structure and access
Existing structure or new structure?
If retrofitting an existing structure, will the existing structure support the new display?
Is there access to the display and display components to perform service?

Step6 The display and expected performance
What type of content will be on the display?
Graphics? Video? Text? Are data feeds required?

Step7 Communication methods
Will a direct or remote connection be setup to the display? Direct/Remote connection
If a direct connection, can fiber optic cable be routed?
If a remote connection, which communication method will work best?
High-speed internet/Ethernet network/Wireless network

Step8 Ventilation
Are there climate conditions to consider where the display is installed?

Step9 Installation costs
List foreseen costs that will be included in the installation

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