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Traditional Cabinet for LED Display
Build a Stable, Clear, and Convenient Multi-media Information Window
Convenient and Safe Installation;
Easy to Maintain;
Individually Removable and Replaceable;
Highly Protective and Applicable to Rainy Weather;
Lightweight (6.5-10 kg / bar);
Advertising media LED display solution,Stage background LED display solution,Stadium LED display solution
Build a Stable, Highly-bright, and Solid Multi-media Information Window
 outdoor display is an external multimedia LED display system designed for changeable and adverse outdoor environment. In display control, firstly uses super-large scale FPGA single chips as processor core; super processing depth control (8~14 bits) realized; Gamma real-time correction. Intensity Balance Arithmetic, Fuzzy Control Theory and Intelligence Control Technology are used to realize auto-adjustment of luminosity and auto-equalization of white balance.  outdoor display digests intelligence and technology from area of Lighting, Machinery and Electronics. Its performance index and display effect reach globally-advanced standard.
developed outdoor perimeter display and outdoor normal display for permanent installation and for rental 
Easy to Install and Reliable (Leasing Type):
Both suspended mounting and close mounting modes are alternative. The product is characterized by all-aluminum made and removable handle, convenient for installation and movement. Each box is equipped with omnibearing fastening device to ensure the reliability and safety of installation by multiple measures.
General Screen and Energy-saving Screen Optional:
The energy-saving screen is provided with the intelligent temperature control system, which is capable of adjusting the fan speed automatically according to the box temperature; and it is also equipped with the intelligent brightness control system, which is capable of adjusting screen brightness automatically according to environmental brightness; its power features a high conversion efficiency; and its low-voltage constant-current driver IC can reduce energy consumption;
High Standard Processing for Long-Term Outdoor Use:
It is shown from the detecting data by third-party professional institutes: the protection level can reach up to IP65, and the product is applicable to any rainy weather; its structural parts’ surface is specially coated, with good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance; its electronic circuits adopt the Three-Prevention technology to further ensure its anti-dust, anti-moisture, and anti-corrosion performances, and the product features a strong weather resistance, and can be used in various harsh outdoor environments in long-term.
Easy to Maintain:
The product follows the design concept of easy maintenance, adopts modularized, redundant design, easy in maintenance; available in the two-way maintenance; a large number of connectors reduces the use of tools in the maintenance process;
Display Brightness Adjustable:
The display brightness is adjustable (600-8000nit) according to the changes in ambient light, ensuring the best viewing comfortableness, displaying effect and energy-saving, reducing your operating cost greatly.
Super-broad Viewing Angle (150o):
The color temperature of displayed image is consistent even at a 150o viewing angle; bringing your screen more optimal viewing area;
Multi-Measures to Ensure Brightness Uniformity:
Each LED light or chip is produced under the strict quality control system, and the brightness adjustment function can ensure the uniformity of brightness and color, and show you more perfect images.
High Refresh Rate and Grayscales Processing:
Its high refresh rate (600-20000Hz) and grayscales processing ensure high-quality display effect, meeting the higher requirements on displayed image quality in commercial applications.
Professional-grade Connectors, Safe and Reliable:
The connectors adopt professional aviation connectors, safe and reliable, the protection level is not lower than IP65, and it’s available to be quickly assembled and unassembled;
High-quality Power Supply, Stable and Reliable:
The product adopts the high quality power supply, further ensuring the stable long-term operation; also supporting wide range (90 ~ 240V AC) of voltage input, available in power factor correction (PFC), thus reducing the impact on power grid effectively.
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