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Digital Billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking out-of-home advertising to a new level.
Outdoor digital signage comes in many formats and sizes based on your needs and requirements. We are committed to our customers by providing fast and genuine service, quality, and value.
Full colour digital billboards are normally made up of red, green and blue pixels. Often they are made with three LED's per cluster (red, green, and blue) but sometimes four per cluster (2 red, 1 green, and 1 blue) are used. The latter is normally brighter and slightly more clear. The matrix will then be the total number of pixel clusters horizontally and vertically. So as an example, a 20' x 10' 10mm pitch would have approximately 1000 pixels from left to right and 500 pixels top to bottom.
LED screens are measured in two ways. First, there is the obvious measurement (in feet and inches) then, LED signs are measured in pixel pitch.
Pixel pitch is the distance between LED's, usually measured in millimetres. This means for a 16mm video board the middle of each pixel is 16mm from the middle of the next one. The closer together your pixels are, the clearer your sign is.
Ultimately, the more pixels you can get in your sign the clearer your sign will be and the better it will work.
Pixel pitch plays the biggest role in clarity when it comes to LED screens. It also plays the biggest role in price. LED screens range in price from $10,000 to $1 million very much depending on the size and pixel pitch of your sign. The goal is to find the balance between size and pitch to attain the clarity that works for you best. 
Clarity can be attained in two ways, you can get a smaller board with a tighter pixel pitch or you can go for a looser pixel pitch and get a larger board..
Versatile and Powerful;
Long Durability and High Reliability;
Low Maintenance Cost;
Weather Resistant;
Modular Construction;
Enhanced Brightness and Contrast;
Energy Efficiente;
Superb Picture Quality.
Extremely important to know the
average viewing distance that the 
screen will be viewed from.
This will be what you use to decide 
the size and pitch of the LED screen(s). 
The closer the viewing distance, the tighter the pixel pitch needs to be for
the screen to be clear.
If the average viewing distance is a 
far distance, the looser the pitch can 
be (which helps keep your cost down).
What is required
Fastening Surface
If the average viewer is too close to the sign, the screen will not be clear unless the pixel pitch is tight enough. If the average viewer is quite far away, the sign may be very clear but the text will not be legible.
Solution: Determine the average viewing distance and time of your prospective customers prior to making a decision on what LED screen to purchase.
Our software is easy to use and powerful.
It allows the end user on site to create a message simply and transmit to the screen within minutes.
Every outdoor digital sign is made of a combination of modules.
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