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Outdoor LED display information
DIP LED display is called as the traditional LED display while SMD LED display stands out in recent years, so we use DIP to distinguish latest SMD. Currently our company uses two main items, DIP346 and DIP546 which means specification and size of the chip.
346 is mainly used in high density LED display while 546 in large pixel pitch and high brightness. With the development of the technology, 346 can match the brightness and heat radiation effect so that The trend seems to replace 546 , gradually to become one item.
According to the usage mode, DIP LED display can be classified as outdoor DIP 3 lamp series, outdoor DIP 4 lamp series, DIP illuminance series and DIP back wall series
In contrast to new-born SMD LED display series, main advantages of DIP series are as follows,
1.As DIP LED display has experienced long term R&D and application, technology of DIP is mature, performance is stable and it is widely supported. Most of the complicated systems or complement measures are designed and manufactured on basis of DIP display standards, so DIP LED display is your conservative and reliable choice.
2.High brightness, DIP LED display adopts independent encapsulation, so when it is the same brightness, DIP has more heat radiation sheet metal than SMD so that design is in favor of chip heat radiation and high brightness. Meanwhile, DIP LED adopts V shape encapsulation, which can increase its performance of lighting focus so as to raise brightness and viewing distance. 
3. Better waterproof, DIP LED display is widely installed outdoor or semi-outdoor because of its high brightness and better waterproof effect and solutions
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