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Categories of LED display screen
The development of modern business, making signs need to carry more goods information, because the capacity of traditional advertising sign is small, more and more companies will install LED screen in the original shop signs beside in order to release more information of the goods. But the general commercial users do not understand the characteristics and classification of LED display screen. Hereby we combine with the development of LED technology, classified LED display screen as below, so that we can understand the LED display more easily and convenient:
1. According to the color,LED display screen can be divided into: 
   single color display, double color display, full color display.
2. According to the classification of LED screen display
   LED digital display, LED dot matrix display, LED video display.
3. LED display classification based on using occasions:
   indoor, outdoor display screen.

4. LED display classification on diameter in luminous point 
Indoor full color display: ¢3.0,¢3.75,¢5.0
Indoor SMD full-color three in one: PH6,PH7.62,PH8,PH10,PH12 
Outdoor single or double color LED display: PH10,PH11.5,PH12,PH14,PH16,PH20
Outdoor LED display screen: PH10,PH11.5,PH12,PH14,PH16,PH20,PH25,PH31.5,PH40
General door screen using: PH10 red, yellow, green, white
General indoor screen using: P3.0, P3.75, P5.0 single and double color
LED bar screen, curtain wall, all kinds of special-shaped screen body, cylindrical LED screen, LED screen window blinds, spraying LED display
A.  Effects of excellence: the dynamic scanning technology, image stabilization, no noise, image effect is clear, vivid animation effect; video effects fluid
B.  rich Content: can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information
c. Flexibility: any arrangement by the user display mode
D. Quality assurance: imported light-emitting materials, high quality IC chip, no noise, high power supply
E. A large amount of information: the information displayed is not restricted
F. Convenient to Repair: modular design, easy installation, convenient maintenance
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