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LED stadium display information
Classification of LED stadium display
1. color by color can be divided into Single-color LED stadium display: Single color (red or green). Two-color LED stadium display: red and green dual-color, 256 gray scale levels, can display 65,536 colors. Full-color LED display screen: red, green, blue color, 256 grayscale full color display can display more than 16 million kinds of colors. F
2. according to led display device classification LED Digital Display: 7 segment display devices for the digital control code, suitable for production of the clock screen, the interest rate screens, showing the number of electronic display. LED dot-matrix graphic display: display device is arranged by a number of uniform composition of the dot-matrix LED stadium display modules, suitable for broadcast text, image information. LED video display: LED stadium display devices are composed of many light-emitting diodes that can display video, animation and other video files. 
3. by using the occasion categories Indoor LE Display: LED spots smaller, general Φ3mm - Φ8mm, shows the general area of a few to more than ten square meters. Outdoor Display: dozens of square meters in size to several hundred square meters, high brightness, can work in the sun, with wind, rain, water resistant.
4. classified according to light spot diameter Indoor screen: Φ3mm, Φ3.75mm, Φ5mm, Room external screen: Φ10mm, Φ12mm, Φ16mm, Φ19mm, Φ20mm, Φ21mm, Φ22mm, Φ26mm 
Room external screen as the basic unit of light emitting tube, LED stadium display tube principle is a set of red, green, and blue light-emitting diode sealed in a plastic barrel and jointly develop
5. Display a static, horizontal scroll, vertical scroll and flip display. One block module control drive 12 (up to control 24) 8X8 Dot Matrix, a total of 16X48 dot matrix (or 32X48 dot matrix), is a single block of MAX7219 (or PS7219, HD7279, ZLG7289 and 8279, and the like LED display driver module) 12 times (or 24 times)! Can use "cascade" approach the composition of any dot matrix large display. Effects, good power consumption, and the MAX7219 circuit than the use of lower cost.
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