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Daily Maintenance of Outdoor LED Displays
Outdoor led displays,like traditional electronic products, require not only right operation, but also regular maintenance. It is recommended that professional repair workers should be informed if the displays are not working or there is problem with the displays. Correct operation habit and frequent error and malfunction examination help to better display effect and extend displays’ lifespan. Here, simple but professional techniques on LED displays daily maintenance are shared.

How-to & Tips:
1、Make sure LED displays are working under good working environment. The LED displays should not be exposed to moisture and vapor. Once moistened LED displays are powered, the components can be damaged. 
2、To avoid any possible damages to the LED displays. LED displays should be installed in the the areas which are free potential damages, such as falling stones,  accidents, etc.
3、Outdoor LED displays should be cleaned frequently. Longtime exposure to sunlight, wind, and dust can greatly worsen display effects, and also the dust, sunlight and wind blow can damage LED displays component. So regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to LED displays lifespan.
4、Power supply should be stable and safe. Under extreme weather condition, such as lightening and storms, LED displays shall be powered off to avoid damage.
5、The cabinets of LED displays shall be kept away from water source, iron powder and any conductive metal materials.
6、Outdoor LED displays shall be kept dust free to avoid possible damage caused by dusty environment.
7、Outdoor LED displays should be kept powered off at least two hours a day.
8、In rainy seasons, LED displays should be powered on at least for one day in a week.
9、Wires and cords of LED displays should be examined regularly for breakage and damage. Once wire damages are spotted, broken wires and cords shall be replaced as soon as possible.
10、The display content is suggested not to be completed white, or completely red of blue to avoid damages to LED bulbs caused by current overload.
11、Arbitrary demolition is prohibited and professional operation is demanded in the course of assembly and dis-assembly of LED displays.


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